Playing with Felix

We adopted Felix after his mother, who’d had a litter of five or six kittens, rejected him. He grew up with us, and at about one and a half years of age, he disappeared while exploring the neighborhood. We’re still hoping to see him back, although it’s been almost two years since his disappearance. He’s still one of the Medieval Cats and we love watching videos we recorded while he was still with us.

This is one of those videos, when he was still tiny and I played with him while he sat in my office chair.

Bubu and Tira playfighting

It is a well-known fact that kittens (even larger ones) love to playfight. They tumble around and over each other all day long, jumping on each other, frolicking, squeaking, filling our hearts with joy. Bubu and Tira are no different. They’re siblings and they’ve been together since birth. What makes this playfighting extra special is their special relationship and their origins.

They were found with their mother in Bucharest on the streets and were taken into a vet’s office to be cared for and put up for adoption. They were small, malnourished and fearful of people. They spent the first four or five months of their life in the vet’s office, in a room at the back, in a cage, without seeing sunlight, without running outside, without their mother. Nobody wanted them. Looking at them now, few people could understand how such beautiful kittens could be left unadopted, living in a crate for months. We certainly couldn’t understand it.

When we saw them, we fell in love with them right away, and when we found out that the vet couldn’t afford to keep them any more, because no one wanted them, we decided to adopt them on the spot and brought them to our home in the medieval city of Medias, where they live on a beautiful estate and can roam freely wherever they like, inside or outside the house.

So you see, that’s what makes them and their playfighting so special. They’ve literally been together since birth and love each other very much. We loved seeing them blossom from the shy, scared little kittens they were when we adopted them into the beautiful, loving, emotionally well-rounded creatures they are now, and we are so glad that we could offer them the chance to become Medieval Cats!